Rehab Sofa

Welcome to Rehab Sofa, an online exercise and rehabilitation program designed to be done anywhere!

Rehab Sofa contains real exercise rehabilitation and injury management techniques that are used within our clinical setting, and brought them to you in a easy to follow program.

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Ben Dillon

Owner | Clinical Myotherapist | Exercise Professional

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Customized Programs

Rehab Sofa programs take into account your history, injury and needs, to tailor a program that is made specifically for you.

The more specific the program, they greater the results!

Video Tutorials

Visual cues are an excellent way to not only understand your exercises, but your body.

That is why we have created video tutorials to assist you on your rehabilitation and injury prevention journey!

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I have been seeing Ben for 4 years, and Rehab Sofa is the perfect extension of The Myo Room. The exercises are easy to follow and I can do them anywhere.

JamesRehab Sofa Client
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Life Applicable

Often exercise and rehab can feel complicated, which can disconnect us from it’s real world application.

Rehab Sofa aims to give you exercises, and explanation that not only gives you a means to treating your injury, but gives you a real world application.

By applying the exercises to your everyday situations, you’ll have more opportunities to regain control of your body.

Real world application, more often, means greater results!