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How to Keep Track of Your Gym and at Home Workouts

By 16 November 2021November 26th, 2021Exercise, Goal setting, Lifestyle
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Ben Dillon
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Many of us set out to make lasting changes to various parts of our health and lifestyle, however tracking our progress is often not prioritized.

Like goal setting, planning and reflection can improve your chances of staying consistent.

So here our guide to keep track of your gym and at home workouts.


What’s Inside

1.  Introduction

5 Steps

Step 1: Choose an app
Step 2: Track progress
Step 3: Check in regularly
Step 4: Reflect
Step 5: Adjust goals

How to keep track of your gym and at home workouts

When it comes to setting out on newfound goals it is important to plan-ahead.

Like a holiday or a long car trip, knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and when you’re going to get the is a big part of the journey.

Often when we set out on the journey of the gym or health, the idea of getting up and getting out to do the activity is hard enough, let alone making a plan and talking about it in advance.

But this, the introduction stage is crucial to making your new gym and home workout stick.

Whether thinking on returning to the gym or beginning your new home workout must plan ahead. Planning gives you the ability focus on the task at hand, monitor your progress, and give you that much needed pat on the back for another great session in the gym.

While the task of logging information during and after can seem annoying, this information will allow you to look back on previous weeks and show you that you are making progress, thus giving you that much needed motivation to keep going!


Technology is a great thing! Now days there are hundreds of apps that do just this, many of them allow you to log your exercise and nutrition in their free versions, so this part doesn’t won’t cost you a cent.

I personally use two different apps, for nutrition I use “My Fitness Pal” and for cardio I use “Goals-fitness”. I chose these because they were the first that came up on my app store, and they are great.

So now that we have chosen our apps lets set those goals.

The great thing about logging progress is that it will help you to focus on your body and allow you to understand what it is you require to not only get to your goal, but stay there.


Let’s use the “Goal-Fitness” app for example. Say we have our 20-minute walk, 3 times a week as our goal.

Walking is a such a great low impact exercise to supplement any gym or at home workout.

The great thing about this app is that it automatically breaks you progress into month blocks, so let’s go with that and take it one month at a time.

So, 3 walks a week for 4 weeks equals 12 total walks for a month.

Now over the course of this month before you begin your walks all you need to do is open the app, select the desired distance, and walk for your target time. Once you have completed the walk, stop the app, and there your progress is officially track!

Now the great thing about this is that you all you need to do is open the app again before heading out on your next walk. This allows you to see what you achieved last time which will give you that motivation to keep going.

Apps such as “Goals-Fitness” use GPS tracking to accurately monitor steps, route, time, and distance, even better they add them into a total for a calendar month. How good is that?!


understanding your goals and where you are within them is one of the best ways to help you succeed.

These apps are user friendly, and usually only require you to open them to see your past results.

The ability to check at the push of a button and see your past efforts all broken down for you is truly one of the great luxuries when it comes to tracking your exercise goals.

Regularly seeing something as simple as last week’s tough 2 km has been easily beaten for time and distance by this week’s effort is a great tool to ensure you are never short of motivation.

So if you’re looking to make your new gym and home workout stick, make sure you always check-in!


Reflection is a key part to tracking your exercise routine. While tracking ones week to week efforts is the task of logging your information, reflection helps us to look at what we are really doing here on our journey.

When we reflect, we show ourselves what is we have achieved, both in smaller increments and overall.

When it comes to something as simple as walking, you won’t only look at tracked statistics logged, but what you have achieved.

Reflection allows you to see witness the consistency, the hard work, and the willpower you have developed on your journey to a better you. It shows you that you can do it, and you should be proud of how far you have come.


This is just the next step in getting better and closer to your goals.

The things you thought were difficult in the beginning such as a 2 kilometre walk you may not even consider a warm-up.

So now it’s time to set the goal post a little further and challenge ourselves and take our gym and home workout to the next level.

The changes don’t have to be big, in fact smaller frequent increments will allow you to progress gradually and help you to sustain your growth on your journey.


Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to ensure that you not only reach your goals but keep moving forward in the future.

Something as simple as opening an app before a workout was once the job of a professional or an expensive device, of which is now freely available to you in the palm of your hand.

So download an app, set your goals, track your progress, and be sure to check-in and reflect you give yourself some well deserved congratulations on starting your health and wellness journey.

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