Exercise Rehabilitation

Why Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation?

Ever heard the saying, ‘exercise is the best medicine’? Well you have now. Often overlooked as a method of treatment, exercise and rehabilitation has recently been used as a tool for musculoskeletal conditions, and with incredible results. While Myotherapy, remedial massage, and other manual therapies seem like the obvious solution to remedy your aches and pain, exercise has been found to be the cherry on top that stops the pain from returning.

The Myo Room Dumbbell

Exercise Rehab Benefits

  •  Re-activate muscles
  •  Reconfigure biomechanics
  •  Restore correct function
  •  Reduce risk of recurring injury
  •  Future injury prevention
  •  Reduce pain
  •  Improve recovery time

How we do rehab:

  • Maximum 3-5min/day
  • 2-3 exercises at a time
  • Life Applicable
  • Relevant
  • Easy to implement into daily routine

How we do exercise/rehab

We understand that exercise is not for everyone, and while we believe everyone should be active we understand that life has been never been busier. Here is where our approach to exercise prescription and activation comes in.

Through years of consultation, treatments and personal training sessions, one thing has been a constant and that is that rehab sucks! It can often feel tedious and time consuming, and that is why we have modified our approach to the rehab/exercise process. One of the biggest issues we have found with our patients is that in the past they had been given exercises that were not only boring to do, but they were asked to 20+ mins a day and required you to be at home on the floor, with ample room to move. Meaning they had to either do them first thing in the morning or late at night.

So to solve this problem we have made some of our above modifications. We have reduced the number of exercises prescribed, we make them life applicable, and we aim to make them doable in your daily routine, so that way you do them habitually and eventually instinctively. By taking this approach we aim to educate our patients and long term fix but integrating movements and concepts that will stay with long after our consultations.

April 17, 2019 in Exercise, Rehabillitation

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