Exercise | Personal Training

Why Exercise | Personal Training?

A part of our three step process to return you to optimum health, strengthening those newly activated mechanics is a must.  Often when returning from injury, the path of exercise rehab and exercise/strengthening is that of the less travelled, with many falling off the wagon and not following through with the process. With this often comes at cost, seeing many people re-injuring themselves down the line. Through Exercise | Strength our aim is to consolidate our patients newly found biomechanics, but getting good techniques and firing sequences behind them.

The Myo Room Exercise

Exercise Strength Benefits:

  •  Reduce risk of recurring injury
  •  Strengthen muscles/joints
  •  Consolidate correct biomechanics
  •  Increase strength through the body
  •  Education of proper movements /techniques

How we do strength:

  •  30min sessions
  •  Personalised programming
  •  Goal focused
  •  Stretching/mobility training
  •  Education; Why you need to do it!
  •  Life applicable concepts

How we do Exercise | Strength

Exercise can be a daunting task, especially to those who aren’t already engaged in a regular exercise routine. At The Myo Room, we aim to guide all of our patients through the strengthening phase.

Now don’t let the work ‘Strength’ scare you off. What we mean by using the word ‘strength’ is continuing to load and train the muscle, this done by adding resistance to challenge the muscle.

Stronger muscles + correct biomechanics = Optimum function

All our programs our patients take on are customised to their desired results. So when you think strength, don’t think of powerlifter or body builder, think of stronger back, knees, and think of improved daily functions such as getting up out of a chair better and walking upstairs pain free. The aim of strength training is to consolidate your newfound muscular function, further reduce recurring injury and cap off your rehab journey with an exclamation point.

If you have any questions regarding these programs, and whether they are right for you get in contact with us!

April 17, 2019 in Exercise, Rehabillitation

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