The Myo Room

The Myo Room has been established as a means to treat those who seek to take control of their body. Whether it be from sustaining injury, surgery, sports or daily activity related, we aim to guide our patients through the entire injury management process, from dysfunction to optimum function.

Through the combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise, we aim to not only get you away out of your bodies dysfunction, but to stay there and establish not only a better control for your body, but a stronger and capable body for the future.

By creating a one-stop environment for manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, Ben aims to help people from the beginning of their injury journey, to optimum function and often to strengthen and establishing control over their bodies.


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Ben Dillon BHsc MST, Cert III & IV PT

Ben has been in health and fitness for eight years, with a focus on rehabilitation and sports. He holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Musculo-skeletal Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage and Certificates III and IV in Fitness.

Having 17 years experience in Basketball, both domestic, representative and in the VBL, as well as various such as football and tennis, Ben has used his love for sport and physical activity to pursue personal training. Over the years he has worked with his clients to achieve their specific goals ranging from police and military fitness training, sports preseason training and injury management.

Within my first two years as a trainer, Ben found himself encountering many of his clients with new and lifelong injuries of which he found himself constantly asking them, “what is your condition and how do you manage it?” It was then that he realized that he wanted to be the one diagnosing, rehabilitating and guidinghis clients through their rehab on a specific level. This is when Ben decided he wanted to be a Musculo-skeletal Therapist.

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During the course of my degree and following its completion, Ben has been privileged to assist his clients through managing their injuries, which has enabled him to get hands on experience as he went, while perfecting my skills as a practitioner. Since the Completion of my studies (2014) Ben opened up my own business, The Myo Room, as well as working within a multidisciplinary practice at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Melbourne’s South East.

Through both of these endeavors Ben has been able to treat people using both skill sets of manual therapy and exercise, of which he believes to have the greatest result for my patients. Ben is also involved with the Hampton Park Football and Netball Club as Head trainer (AFL) and Melbourne’s Crossfit community through Crossfit Verde and The Box Chelsea . These opportunities have helped hone his skills in both trauma and acute injury management as well as rehab/recovery.

Vinil Chand, BHSc MST


Vin’s passion for all things health and fitness, and a subsequent career in the same industry, was apparent from a very early age due to a background in exercise and competitive sports.

A keen ‘need to know’ knowledge of the many wonderful mechanical processes of the human body led to a successful, and perfectly suited, career in personal training where his success stories were built around attention to detail, results based training and strong customer service.

It was these exact reasons and the extreme desire to give to his clients something that would holistically go above and beyond what they were already receiving which led to the completion of a Bachelors Degree in Health Science with a major in Musculoskeletal therapy.

Vin was trained for over 3 years by many different professionals in the field of Physical Therapy such as Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Remedial Therapists and other Musculoskeletal Therapists in treating a wide range of soft tissue AND skeletal conditions in a clinical setting using advanced postural evaluation and evidence based techniques such as trigger point therapy, MET’s, PRT’s and Myofascial release to name a few.

With a very sharp eye for detail and a precise working knowledge and understanding of the human body combined with the mantra ‘treating you as the individual you are’, Vin’s sessions are targeted towards FIXING you from the inside out and guaranteed to be meticulously specific to your needs and goals with IMMEDIATE and long lasting results!