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Our highly skilled therapists not only aim to treat our clients, but educate them to ensure life long changes.


Welcome to The Myo Room

We make exercise relevant, efficient & applicable

Welcome to The Myo Room, a specialised service dedicated to assisting our patients to from the beginning of an injury to back to optimum function. We use Clinical myotherapy to assess and identify the cause of your injuries and use manual therapy and exercise to remedy the dysfunction.


The Myo Room


Myotherapy is a manual therapy intervention for joint and soft tissue injuries. Through assessment, we aim to determine what the root cause of your dysfunction is, this followed by manual therapy  techniques such as; soft tissue manipulations, joint mobilisation to get your body relaxed and moving Read more…

The Myo Room Dumbbell


Exercise is medicine. With many different treatment methods going around, exercise has been the constant as means of treatment.

Once the manual therapy approach has been implemented to get the moving we engage our clients in an rehabilitation and muscle activation program that is relevant, Read more…

The Myo Room Exercise


Following the rehabilitation process the next step is to strengthen those newly activated muscles. By strengthening these previously damaged or dormant areas we give you and your body the best possible chance to get strong and stay healthy.

The body loves movement, and it loves Read more…


The Myo Room has been established as a means to treat those who seek to take control of their body. Whether it be from sustaining injury, surgery, sports or daily activity related, we aim to guide our patients through the entire injury management process, from dysfunction to optimum function.

Through the combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise, we aim to not only get you away out of your bodies dysfunc…

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At The Myo Room, we believe that one of the best way to treat our patients is through education. That is why we offer ongoing updated content at our resource centre to give our patients to the best chance to not only obtain optimum health, but to stay healthy.

Making use of blogs, videos and tutorials we aim to inform and educate our patients and our visitors so that they may better understand their bodies, and what it is that they may do to treat them.


The Myo Room is partnerships.

We have partnered with the following organisations so that we may extend and deliver our service to a larger number of those of you in the public.

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