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Online consultations, the results of a session in the convenience of your own home

Online Consultations

Our online consultations will have you covered, from injury management, to exercise coaching and prescription there is something to suit everyone. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, or office.




Have an injury or would like to prevent them?

Rehab Sofa is our new online exercise rehab and injury prevention program, that’s easy-to-follow, achievable and life applicable.

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The Myo Room has been established as a means to treat those who seek to take control of their body.

From our origins as a manual therapy focused practice, The Myo Room has now expanded into an online consultation clinic, which allows our clients to find relief from any place at any time.

We believe that rehabilitation not only takes manual therapy approach but an active approach, that why we have adopted the online consulting model, to help you anywhere at any time.

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